A story, a lifestyle

The wooden chalet is a world apart, metaphorically half the world away, in the construction sector. And when Dunoyer designed and built its first wooden houses, 65 years ago, it was well aware of the responsibility it was taking on. Dunoyer had understood that buyers were looking for special places to live, homes that symbolised an ideal lifestyle to which they aspired. Later on, the “Chalets Dunoyer” brand came into being and was coherent with this basic principle.

In this context, simply reproducing what has already been done in the past, creating pastiches,  is not good enough. Chalets Dunoyer wants to keep the chalet tradition alive but, at the same time, it aims to keep refreshing the concept. The chalets it builds thus take into consideration the original spirit of the mountain chalet, but through a resolutely contemporary technical and stylistic approach. 

This marriage of tradition and modernity makes Dunoyer different. 

Know-how and personal service

Chalets Dunoyer was the first company in what was to become the Dunoyer Group, which today employs about 100 people, including many craftsmen and artisans (“Compagnons du Devoir”), who carry on all the woodworking professions. Each type of specialist (carpenters, joiners, interior designers/lay-out experts, architects, etc.) builds up their own know-how and shares it with their colleagues. The men and women who work for us get to know each other and work together in harmony on all the projects they bring to fruition together. 

The family business has thus managed to grow, maintaining an artisanal approach, and continuing to be very attached to grand ideas of personal service and high quality. All stages of chalet construction, from the design phase to execution, are managed in-house, starting, of course, with the architectural side of things in our design office, then pre-assembly in our carpentry/roofing workshop and lastly, of course, on-site assembly. A carpentry/interior design and lay-out workshop and a “gallery” (where decoration work takes place) complete our service offering.

For sale

The Chalets Dunoyer for sale


Chalet with Mont-Blanc view

Contemporary wooden chalet to build in a residential neighbourhood just 5 minutes from the centre of Chamonix and the ski slopes, with 4 bedrooms,...

1 540 000 €


Hameau du Génépi

The Hameau de Génépi consists of 5 contemporary wooden chalets perfectly located facing the mountains and the Mont-Blanc. These Chalets...

1 750 000 €

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