Different and exclusive

Chalets Dunoyer, a builder of wooden chalets, has, over the course of many years, developed its own construction system, an advanced assembly technique know as "post-beam" assembly.

Attaching two wooden structures in this way, one horizontal (posts), and the other vertical (beams), has many advantages:

  •  Total freedom as regards the lay-out of the interior, with large open spaces and custom partitioning, which can be modified subsequently   if required;
  •  A unique style, with combinations that employ as much window surface area as possible, to take full advantage of the mountain setting;  also more intimate and cosy interior lay-out concepts; Anything is possible when there are no constraints; 
  • Optimum resistance (see anti-earthquake features). 

Chalets Dunoyer applies other principles that confer upon the chalets that it builds all their character and all their tasteful elegance: 

  • Wide overhangs to provide shelter for balconies and terraces;
  • Very elaborate finishes, such as roofing treatments, the shapes of gutters, lighting, etc.;
  • A very wide choice of exterior finishes (wood staining, wood brushing, colours, etc.).

Interior design and decoration

During the course of a construction project, some clients want to stay in control of their interior design, lay-out and decoration, while others prefer to have this service included in the project. Chalets Dunoyer lets its clients choose, and it has in its team experts who can supplement the architectural project with personalised internal design, lay-out and decoration services, if need be.

People, for instance, who will want to incorporate their kitchens, their bathrooms or their dressing rooms into the construction project will agree a detailed plan with our design office. Colours and materials will be chosen from a very wide range, ensuring exclusivity and a customised approach. Then our in-house carpentry workshop will make everything that is required, guaranteeing a coherent style and the delivery of a "ready to live" whole.

To go further, Chalets Dunoyer's decorators will also be able to offer a wide variety of options, either inspired by current trends or in a more traditional style. They can even -- if asked -- design exclusive furniture, in the style of the chalet.

Lastly, Chalets Dunoyer works with many partners (Dunoyer, Antonio Lupi, Flexform, etc.) and with suppliers of various equipment in the fields of lighting, image and sound, stoves and chimneys (Lumithèque, Bang & Olufsen, Focus, etc.), and so forth, which opens up endless possibilities and provides excellent quality. 

Outdoor Design, Facilities & Environment

It is common for a purchaser to want a turnkey build, including interior design and work on outdoor spaces, the latter incorporating a swimming pool or a shelter. Chalets Dunoyer is able to do all of this for its clients, and to execute activities concurrently at the building site.

The chalet build will, in this case, be scheduled in conjunction with the various contractors involved, which will ensure faultless logic in terms of technical and aesthetic aspects, and the assurance that the build will be delivered in a single stage.

Costs are thus minimised and delivery times shortened. 

Chalets built by us

Check out our latest mountain chalet builds

Chalets Dunoyer, for all your mountain chalets projects

The beauty and the quality of a chalet bear no relation to its size. Chalets Dunoyer executes the most extravagant and also the most discreet projects. And everything in between as well! A project’s limits are set by the client.

This is why the builds that have been completed by Chalets Dunoyer cover a very wide range, both in terms of size and of style, and have implemented both traditional and contemporary architectural styles.

For sale

The Chalets Dunoyer for sale


Chalet with Mont-Blanc view

Contemporary wooden chalet to build in a residential neighbourhood just 5 minutes from the centre of Chamonix and the ski slopes, with 4 bedrooms,...

1 540 000 €


Hameau du Génépi

The Hameau de Génépi consists of 5 contemporary wooden chalets perfectly located facing the mountains and the Mont-Blanc. These Chalets...

1 750 000 €

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